I am currently pursuing my MSc in the Cognitive Science of Language program at McMaster University, having recently graduated from the Honours BA Linguistics program summa cum laude. My current research focuses on pragmatics, specifically the speech act of public apology.


After several years in the culinary industry, I decided to return to my first love: Linguistics. I previously completed the Culinary Management program at George Brown College, where I honed both my kitchen expertise and management skills. I still have a passion for cooking and baking, and I enjoy creating delicious food for friends and family.

I have worked with EFL learners in both Mexico and Canada. My experience as both a language teacher and late second-language learner have influenced my interest in second-language acquisition research, as well as many other aspects of linguistic research.

Current Positions


McMaster University

Graduate Researcher, MSc Candidate 

Sep 2016 – Present

Currently focusing on pragmatics (speech acts and public apology)

McMaster University

Teaching Assistant 

May 2016 – Present


My roles as Teaching Assistant allow me to develop my teaching, leadership and communication skills through:
• planning and leading tutorials of 20-30 students, allowing them opportunities to develop, practice and refine their understanding of course material and communication skills
• leading discussions and planning lecture material for students in both small and large groups
• disseminating information and helping students in one-on-one and group settings, both in-person and via computer-mediated communication (eg. email, Avenue to Learn, etc)
• critically evaluating and grading student assignments and exams, providing feedback to students to help them improve their future work


  • IBH 1AC3 - Language & Society
  • Linguistics 1A03 - Introductory Linguistics I
  • Linguistics 1AA3 - Introductory Linguistics II
  • Linguistics 1Z03 - Sounds, Words & Meaning in Modern English I
  • Linguistics 1ZZ3 - Sounds, Words & Meaning in Modern English II